About me

L. Nagy Judit

Winepainter - as one journalist determined the concept of my being.
LNJ - is my artistic name.
Mommy Baby - saying to me my children.
Squirrel - calling me Dear one.
Juditka - call me Mom, Dad, and many others - people, they know me a long time.
Jutka - for a circle of friends from the high school's years, and those who do not like to pronounce the Judith.
Judy - the english version, used in a young adult circles and times, spelled out by old friends popping up here and there in a time.
My Sis - who I was during 44 years and I can not to be it anymore. R.I.P. Viktor - My Bro(ther).
Judita - not only by the Slovak-speaking persons.

According to the papers, Judit's and András's second child, from a tiny village called Búcs (Slovakia).

Based on my present knowledge, one French ancestor was colouring my blood lines - that is the reason of the letter "L" at the beginning of my name.

This is not the only reason that I jokingly call myself a top cuvée, who can not sing the Hungarian national anthem without tears.

I am the idea receiver and holder, a co-founder and (for now) the solo fine artist of the project - In Vino Veritas Art.

Switzerland is the place I create and I do fine art - with unleashed dreams and hands finally.

As a happy child - gladly and feel to be free.

I immerse my brush into the wine and through painting I celebrate the true existence of all.

I do for my wishes constantly - listening inward and acting outward.

This is the only way to the inner love become projected into the physical planes.
Honestly, proudly, clean and free.

In the free richness and in the wealthy freedom.

I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud.
…and I want to make God belly laugh every day with gladness of Him, that He gave me life full of presents I celebrate them all :)

Let to be blessing, abundance, prosperity for us, with us and by us!

I wish you to be happy!

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„In the wine, there are ups and downs,
The wine is an art, a knowledge, a humbleness, a prayer of honor.
The wine is a gift of God and People.
The wine is a truth.“

(L. Nagy Judit - LNJ)