Every journey starts with a first step.

My story is not an easy one to tell, it is full of unexpected turns and riddles, but thereis a lot of light and transformation going on and in a way each of the paintings I createtoday represents a very personal twist, turn, or triumph. They tell my personal story.

My paintings represent transformation, the quest for inner harmony of every humanbeing, and the beauty of the journey we take to gain ownership of our own lives. Asevery story, mine is about love, finding your own value, and learning to honor thyself.It is based on my recipe of happiness that came from such profound transformation.

Would like to know my recipe and hear my story? Then make yourself comfortable tohear the uncomfortable truth about how I faced my own demons and started living myown truth:

Recipe of my happiness:

+ Self-love (unconditional and unapologetic)
+ Action
+ Courage
+ AHA-moments
+ Listening
+ Emotional honesty
+ Authenticity
+ Wine
+ Innate creativity which comes from purity of heart

I know the list is long, but I just can’t miss any of these because all of them play a significant part into my life as an artist, woman, mother, lover , friend and human being.

My story begins more than 40 years ago, from the moment, my mother rocked my baby cot and sang me lullabies. I was born in a small village in Slovakia and my parents wanted to give me everything, just like any parent in this world. They let me grow and evolve in my own rhythm, and nurtured a sense of freedom in my little world. They were not ambitious parents, they just wanted me to be happy and I am so grateful for that today. Yet there was someone in my life who showed up, taking my hand and seeing through my first success as a young painter. I was 5 and my teacher Eszter was the one to gently encourage and influence my first attempts to paint and draw. I remember clearly being recognized as a young talent on a National Art Competition in Slovakia, but what I have kept through all these years as a strong memory in my head is the smell of fresh watercolours on paper, the blush of red of my crayons, and the chalk dust on the warm asphalt. Until that day this is the memory that keeps me connected with that little girl from 40 years ago. I believe that no matter ,how old we get, each one of us keeps that little child within, and that child knows his or her truth and embodies it without any overthought.

My story is about how I trusted that child and nurtured her to make her grow and evolve into the woman I am today.

Since I can recall, I was a very creative child and also a really good daughter. I don’t mean to imply that there exists “bad” sons or daughters, but when you are young, you look to your parents for everything. My parents provided me such love and comfort, that I, in turn, wanted to please them and make them proud. But somewhere the line of what I thought would make them proud versus my own truth got a little cloudy. I was also a very naturally curious child, always hungry for knowledge and this allured me to a different path rather than painting.

Today when I look back I think it was pretty normal to make such a decision. In my culture at the time being an artist was a difficult path and wasn’t considered a “profession” that feeds a family.

The subscription for happiness was something else and we all tried to fit into that formula that promised success, neglecting our personalities and developing other more important skills than artistry.

And then, just like in a good movie, it happened.
My forties hit me and with that came as I like to call it “the gift of desperation”. After years of ignoring my inner voice and never giving any expression of my true greatness, I started feeling depressed, overwhelmed, and hopeless. I am sure, you have heard that story many times, but I’ll say it again, because it is never enough, and if I can manage to convert even one of you from thinking of how to fit in to how to recognize and own your true potential, then I will know I have succeeded.

It looked like I had everything on the outside: a loving husband, a family and a really good life, but I was feeling a void inside.

My fear to remain the same was growing and it became greater than the fear to change. So I decided to take a trip and later I realized, that taking an action sometimes comes before courage. Taking a physical journey also forced me to take an emotional journey on the inside. Don’t ask me if I was ready for a change or how much courage it took me to leave my family and go on a 42 day trip -

sometimes you just have to do things and then the courage will come.

So I planned a little adventure: My 40th Birthday by walking the El Camino De Santiago, which one journey became a real accelerator for my life. It was back in 2011, and The Story is going on …

The Awakening

A woman once asked me what my purpose as an artist is, and as answer arrived to me a poem by the Hungarian poet Weöres Sándor (in free translation)

„There is only one knowledge, all other is just a tailpiece:
The earth is below you and above you is the sky,
Inside you there is a ladder to climb.
The truth lays not in sentences, but in an undistorted existence.
Eternity is not a matter of time, it’s found in harmony.“

Today I live and paint in Switzerland. I managed to find my own value and take back my life and who I am. I set my dreams free from the prison of my own mind only to create a life that sizzles and pops. This life astonishes me every day and makes me laugh out loud. I am painting almost every day in my home and studio in Freienstein – Rorbas.

I chose to paint with wine because I always have been looking for meaning and since my pilgrimage trail to El Camino wine had a big part in changing the way I felt about myself. Taking the time to actually taste different wines during this walk, I felt a special connection that added to my whole experience of reconnecting with who I was. Wine is one of the rare things in life that has the power to ignite in people a tremendous amount of feelings and emotions. I am one of those people. I find wine enchanting and mysterious, it is complex and liberating, it’s the perfect fusion of human joy and spiritual wealth. Because of the personal meaning I found in wine and because it became an important part of my story, I named my art the „IVVArt - In Vino Veritas Art“.

I cannot reveal the exact techniques of my painting style. I did a lot of research, met with chemists and oenologist experts, and I found a way to fix wine molecules to get the soul of the wine to touch and stain the canvas. This is how the IVVArt technique was born. After „IVVArt - In Vino Veritas Art“ was born I started the „3H - Healing Hearts Homes“ project. To read more about: or find us on the FB.

P.S. or the Headline? :)

As a happily fulfilled woman and an artist, I encourage you to take care of your feelings and stay honest to yourself. Listen to what your inner child has to say, don’t drown it, make time to nurture it, and keep the inner dialogue going. It is only a matter of time, before something really beautiful will come out of it! I promise!

With Love,
Lantódy Nagy Judit - LNJ